The Nowhere Crowd was founded in 2009 by Silvio Marotta (drums), Francesco Paggin (keyboards), Giovanni Perotto (bass), Mattia Gargiulo and Roberto Dalla Bona (guitars). Some of them (Silvio, Francesco, Giovanni) were playing together and composing music in different bands since 2002, the other joined the band afterwards.

“In Nightmares He Will Come” is the first single recorded and released by the band with this lineup. The song’s lyrics and atmosphere were loosely inspired by the horror movie “Nightmare on Elm Street”. The single was written, produced and mixed in the band’s rehearsal room/recording studio in Vicenza. This track features Andrea Castellan and Elena Dalla Pozza as singers, who were also involved in the two following singles:” The Best Is Yet To Come” and “Am I Still Alive”?

The band worked with director Cristian Tomassini on the videoclip for “In Nightmares He Will Come”. The script comes from an idea by Silvio, while the setting and the filming were conceived and realized by the band together with Cristian. The videoclip was released on youtube on June 19th 2010.

In the summer of 2011 singer Riky Miolo start collaborating with the band on the song “Am I still alive?”. During the same period the band met the singer Genny Minoliti. Riky and Genny officially join the band after a short period, contributing on the writing and the arrangement of two new songs: “Goodbye” and “Faith Factory”. In January 2012, Giovanni Perotto left the band for important job opportunities and was replaced by bassist Manuel Pavan.

All the songs were released as the “Nowhere Crowd” EP on February 29th 2012. The video for the song “In Nightmares He Will Come” was broadcast on the Italian television. From March to June 2012, the band worked once again with director Cristian Tomassini on the realization of the videoclip for Goodbye, which was released on September 10th of 2012.

The band is currently writing new songs and playing concerts.

Current Members:

Genny Minoliti (vocals)
Riky Miolo (vocals)
Roberto Dalla Bona (guitars)
Mattia Gargiulo (guitars)
Manuel Pavan (bass guitar)
Silvio Marotta (drums)
Francesco Paggin (keyboards & samples)

Previous Members:

Giovanni Perotto (bass guitar)